Kids Foot Locker



1. Increase sign up and usage of loyalty program.

2. Drive in store and online traffic.


For the primary target audience - 8-10 year-old kids - the loyalty program doesn’t bring value, because the rewards are only discount and free shipping. 

Therefore they don't care and are not aware of the loyalty program.

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Customer Insight

Children start to focus on one single sport at a younger and younger age in order to be successful in competitions. But they no longer have fun.


These children have more injuries and burn out from sports earlier and more often.

Company insight

Kids Foot Locker and wide range of sports shoes. 

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Encourage kids to play multiple sports for FUN!


Creative Idea

Play Everything 


Copywriter: Joel Robert Johnson
Art Directors: Caitlin Hickey, Kazunori Shiina
Account Planners: Maria Ines Paez, Mihaly Kertesz