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Advertising is my passion, BUT
I had to spend 6 years in vet school to be sure that its my biggest passion. But the 6 years of scientific studies made me see the world through a scientific lens, that’s why I can’t stand bullshit.

I founded a digital agency when I was 25.
I founded it with my best friend, who became an even better friend through the struggles and successes.

I learned more from managing a company for two years, than from three degrees.

  • First, focus on the big picture. Don’t fall in love with tools and methods, fall in love with reaching great results.
  • Second, responsibilty. If you can’t lean on a superior, you start looking at every problem as yours to solve and every mistake as your own.

Now I’m here to take the next step. 

The books that changed my thinking


Athough the most popular book on account planning, but still truly directed my life.

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Human resources is a science with tremendous knowledge, but never forget that you work with real humans with real emotions.


The 6 principles of persuasion which I think about on every single project.


This book from 1923 always reminds me that we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

I love the most in advertising: Teamwork

The sport I do, when I need to think