New York state tourism



Get more tourists to New York State (outside of New York City).




Despite the proximity to huge markets - like New York City, Toronto and Montreál - New York State doesn’t seem enticing as its main competitors in tourism: California and Florida. 

Its competitors have more exciting sites, ocean, nightlife, more active programs, while New York State has beautiful sceneries like Finger Lakes, Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls.

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More women in NYC

There are 500.000 more single women in NYC, than single men.

In upstate New York, the ratio is the opposite. 

So New York State has something, what its competitors don't: men.

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Get single women from New York City to find men in upstate New York.


Copywriter: Joel Robert Johnson
Art Directors: Caitlin Hickey, Kazunori Shiina
Account Planners: Maria Ines Paez, Mihaly Kertesz